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Club Deportivo Mac Allister:
Its history

 The founders of  Club Deportivo Mac Allister, Carlos Javier and Carlos Patrcio Mac Allister, began to practice soccer in Santa Rosa, their native city, since they were children. For their technical conditions, dedication and love to soccer, they were selected to join the lower divisions of teams of first division of AFA. 

Carlos Javier was incorporated  to Argentinos Juniors when he was 17 years old (club that formed Diego Maradona among other major players) and Carlos Patricio to Estudiantes de La Plata (Institution that had obtained in previous years the title of World-wide Champion of Clubs). In these renowned institutions began what would be successful professional careers in the national and international soccer.
 Finalized these stages as players, they continued becoming qualified as trainers and sport leaders. With all the accumulated experience throughout more than two decades of uninterrupted dedication to soccer in 1998 they created the Club Deportivo Mac Allister in Santa Rosa, the city were they born.

In these ten years of life, the Club Deportivo Mac Allister has been constituted as example of excellence in the formation of youthful in soccer. The different divisions teams had gained great amount of championships, hundreds of youthful formed in the Institution continued their improvement in teams of maximum level in Argentina; as recognition to the task made in year 2005 they receive a prize of hands of the President of the Nation, Nestor Kirchner, who awards them as one of the fifteen more outstanding Projects of the country by his quality and innovation within the framework of the Social National Plan “Hands to the work”.
In this way the Club Deportivo Mac Allister has become one of the more important training centers of Argentine soccer.

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Carlos Patricio Mac Allister
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Kirchner awarded Club Deportivo Mac Allister

The greeting between Carlos Javier Mac Allister and the President
of the Nation Néstor Kirchner in that year, after awarding.

In an act carried out in the White Hall of the Pink House, national seat of the government - situated in the City of Buenos Aires, capital of the Argentine Republic, on wednesday 7 of September the President of the Nation Dr. Néstor Carlos Kirchner and the minister of Social Development Dra. Alicia Kirchner distinguished to one hundred Youthful Innovating and Strategic Projects of the National Plan of Development and Social Economy “Hands to the work”. The sport project presented opportunely by the Club Deportivo Mac Allister was awarded like one of the fifteen more outstanding by its quality and innovation. In this act, Carlos Javier and Carlos Patricio Mac Allister, accompanied by Diego Rosas (player of  Club Deportivo Mac Allister), received in representation of the Club a diploma that credits this outstanding distinction of hands of president Kirchner.

Carlos Javier and Carlos Patricio Mac Allister, accompanied by Diego Rosas
(player of the Club) were the representatives of the institution who
participated in the ceremony.

Diego Rosas with the President Kirchner


Alejandro Fantino:
"Club Deportivo Mac Allister is an example of professionalism and above all honesty".


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